This blog post contains product samples from Spiritbeads.

There’s a new Spiritbeads Kokeshi in town and this time she is holding a lovely narcissus flower. This will be the start of a new series, with one bead each month featuring a different flower. I’m a big fan of the Kokeshis and one of the first things I look at when I open the package is the hair. It’s always a delight to see how the hair is styled and if there are any decorative elements. This Kokeshi (55 €) did not disappoint and I absolutely adore her hair.

As always, the back of the bead is also quite beautiful.

In the picture below, I’ve used some beads from the famed Trollbeads Kimono Kit, as well as other Japanese inspired Spiritbeads. The two multi-strand beads were made by Ohm Beads for events held at at Star Bijou in the past. Nicolai has certainly made very many beautiful beads over the years.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look at the new Kokeshi. Do let me know if you plan to get her!