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A beam of light shines down below. A magical kingdom is beneath you. All around the life of sea is playing in the waves. Seaweed sway, starfish dance and jellyfish glide. Exhale your past and know that there are treasures in the deep – and it is up to you to find them.

People are made of stories. Some are defining and some are just for fun. The sea is unveiling secrets and telling tales. Risk to dive in and discover the magic.

Welcome to the Sunshine Vibes collection.

Today sees the release of the Sunshine Vibes Collection from Trollbeads. I was quite excited to see the glass beads, as they are so summery and even a bit whimsical.

My favourite glass bead is called Curious Clams. I really like the colours in it. You never know what you’ll find inside.

The glass beads cost $50 USD/ $61 CAD each.

The Steady Starfish bead has a texture on the top that almost feels and looks like sand. Slow and steady wins the race.

Savvy Salmon uses some beautiful blues and creams. Travel to see the world but remember where you came from.

Coveted Corals will give an underwater look to any bracelet. Celebrate nature’s wonders.

Jolly Jellyfish blends in with the above beads with its blue and white colouring. Be carefree but not careless.

Lastly, the Oozing Octopus adds a touch of whimsy and cheeriness with the bright orange. Follow the rhythm of the water and feel free.

Louise Rimpler has designed a playful pendant. The glass part is so beautiful with its swirls of colour. The Sandcastle Pendant is $105 USD/ $126 CAD. Build the most majestic castle on the beach. It clips onto the Changeable Fantasy Necklace, looks great on a leather necklace or could be worn on a bracelet.

The sole silver bead in this collection is called Seaweed and is designed by Søren Nielsen. It costs $61 USD/ $74 CAD.

The silver Seaweed Lock was also designed by Søren Nielsen and costs $72 USD/ $86 CAD.

Here’s a bracelet with the new pieces. Even though these glass beads aren’t officially a kit, I think they really go well together.

I like how the new beads go well with some of the recent bubble beads.

Again, the Steady Starfish bead is really outstanding. It adds such an interesting texture to any bracelet.

I made up a bangle set incorporating a Lapis Lazuli and Serpentine, and I’m happy with how they look. I don’t use the green Serpentine bead nearly enough and am going to try to use it more!

So that’s it for today. I can hardly wait for summer to start. This has been such a difficult school year and I know that parents and students everywhere are looking forward to having a break! I hope lots of people will be able to get out and enjoy themselves this summer. Is it time for some summer themed beads? Are any of these pieces on your wish list?