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The next Kokeshi holding a flower comes out today and this time she has a tulip. They are a Limited Edition, with 120 pieces made and cost 55€. Take a look at the etched tulip on her near the front below. 😍

As always, the details on the hair and outfit are just adorable.

She comes with a little certificate of authenticity. The artwork was given to my mom by a Japanese student many years ago!

The first Flower Kokeshi with a Narcissus pairs beautifully with her new tulip friend. The beautiful yellow and glass silver bead is from Aurora Charm and is called Hiva Oa Island.

I put together a mini bracelet using some other Spiritbeads, as well as some glass from Elfbeads, Trollbeads and Summersday beads.

That’s it for today! I’d love to hear if you are thinking about getting this sweet Tulip Kokeshi. I wonder which flower will be next?