Sometimes we all need a light feeling of luxury. It is time for happy shades, casting shimmer to your life and bracelet. Trollbeads now introduces the limited edition Shades of Sparkle collection. In the collection, zirconia sparkle from within six different glass beads, made in Murano glass. The glass beads are all in two matching colours, except for one…this you will find in all colours of the rainbow.

Bead samples are provided by

Today is the release of the Shades of Sparkle beads. Each one costs $72 USD/ $83 CAD and they are not being sold as a kit. The recent country exclusive Diamond beads have been quite sought after by collectors and I did a blog post on them here. Below, you can see the Diamond beads that I had already collected on the bottom left rod, along with the new Shades of Sparkle ones to the right. Looking top to bottom, the names are Shade of Sparkle Rainbow, Shade of Sparkle Silver, Shade of Sparkle Peach, Shade of Sparkle Rose, Shade of Sparkle Lagoon and Shade of Sparkle Pacific.

When I opened up the samples, what struck me at first glance is that the pink in the Peach bead is just like the base colour of the China exclusive bead. Also, the grey of the Silver bead is not as pronounced as I was expecting. That’s okay though, as it’s still super pretty. Just be aware that if ordering online it might not be as dark as you think. I strive to take all of my pictures outside, so people can really get a feel for what the beads will look like at home. I don’t like the feeling of being disappointed after buying something from live images. Sometimes artificial lighting makes colours pop. Having said that, glass always varies and so my samples are not necessarily reflective of all the beads available. (You should have seen me in a Pandora store recently trying to explain to the salesperson that glass beads are all different because they are handmade. I wanted to see the three glass beads they had but was being told that all glass beads are the same. Argh!) Anyway, the Lagoon is super pretty and reminds me of the long retired Luminous Ohm Bead (just Google it and you’ll see what I mean). My early favourites are definitely the Rose and Pacific beads, and I might buy them at some point in order to have doubles.

Let’s take a closer look at the Peach bead. Doesn’t it look like a yummy drink?

The Peach bead really looks great with the American Amber bead, as well as the China country exclusive bead.

Here’s a bracelet using other beads in this colour scheme.

Moving on to the Silver bead, in the sun it is hard to tell mine apart from a Diamond Bead in White. I have seen some on social media that have more grey than this one. The grey one is the Nordic country exclusive. The Silver bead would be a good one to buy in person or from live images.

Here is the Silver bead in different light. I think that’s a Rainbow Bridge on the left and a Blue Desert on the right.

The Lagoon bead is very pretty and definitely makes me think of water.

The blues and greens are so soothing together.

I think the Rose bead is such a lovely, soft pink.

The Rose and Lagoon beads made me think of the Plum Tree and Mint Mesh beads from the Trollbeads Day 2000 kit. They aren’t an exact match, but look nice together.

I used my palest Sea Anemone beads with the Pacific bead, as there is a touch of blue in them.

I like all the pastel colours in these bangles.

Well, that about wraps things up. I truly adore the Rose and Pacific beads and think the rest of the beads are really nice. I wasn’t one to collect all the country exclusive beads, as I don’t enjoy the ‘hunt’ and I also don’t like paying a premium for beads, especially from resellers. When I hear of people doubling the price for a country exclusive bead, it really turns me off of beads in general, to be honest. The ones I was able to get I really cherish, and I think these new Shades of Sparkle beads are an awesome way for people to easily obtain some gorgeous beads that will fit into any collection. Do you have a favourite colour from this release?