This blog post contains product samples from Trollbeads as well as purchased items.

This week the Korean Evergreen bead arrived in the mail. I was able to buy it with the help of a Troll Fairy who lives in South Korea. I know that it is super frustrating to see these country exclusive beads and not be able to buy them. Right now there is one bead that anyone can easily buy and that is the Nordic Twilight bead. It’s the grey one on the left hand side of the photo below. I bought it from Diamonds4Ever, which is a store in Denmark. I’ve been buying from them for ages. They don’t have a presence on Instagram that I know of, so some people don’t know about them.

One of the newer ones is the Korean one, as I mentioned. @charmbead did a very informative blog post here about it, and I encourage you to check it out. The bead is such a lovely, soft colour. I first tried it with some True Beadz and put them on a celadon plate that I bought in South Korea when I lived there a long time ago! I have a blog post about a trip to Korea here.

It also plays well with the USA country exclusive bead called The Diamond Bead, Amber.

I absolutely LOVE the Korean bead and the Nordic Twilight bead with Labradorites.

I thought I’d try the Korean bead with some Japanese beads from the Kimono Kit. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someday Trollbeads came out with another matte beads kit?

Next up is a bangle with some pinks. This is not my favourite combo, but it’s beginning to grow on me and I think I’ll wear it tomorrow.

Another bead I recently purchased (and it took 9 weeks to get here!) was the country exclusive Diamond bead for The Netherlands. I bought it from Bead Sensation. I love the pink/purple glass overlay. 😍

It just looks fabulous in the sun with my flowers! The pale pink bead on the left is the one that was for China. So many countries have now had special beads and I really enjoy seeing on Instagram the people who are collecting every one! They are pretty expensive, so I am not even trying to get them all. It’s good enough for me to just admire everyone else’s. 😀

Here are a few more photos using some of the diamond beads.

To finish off, let’s take a quick look at the upcoming limited edition Trollbeads Day 2020 Kit, designed by Neetu Gupta, who also designed the much loved Forest Life Kit. In Canada, the kit will be $444 and the beads will be available as singles for $74 each. In the USA, the kit will be $366/ $61 for singles. Normally I would think of driving down to the USA to attend an event, but not this year! 😷 Trollbeads Day will be July 25.

Photo courtesy of Trollbeads

These beads make me think of rainbow sherbet and I totally intend on buying some for a picture. 😀 Based on these photos, I think the green one might be my favourite, but beads are always different in person, so we’ll have to wait and see.

The beads are (L-R) Lime Leaves, Raspberry Bush, Blueberry Flower, Honey Bee, Mint Mesh and Plum Tree.

Photo courtesy of Trollbeads

Can you see the bee etched on the Honey Bee bead? I wonder which bead will end up being the most popular?

So, that’s all for today. Please feel free to voice your opinion about the country exclusive beads or the Trollbeads Day 2020 Kit. I love to hear what people think!