This blog post contains product samples from Trollbeads as well as purchased items.

Trollbeads Day is on July 25 this year and Neetu Gupta has designed a limited edition glass kit to celebrate. When I was reading her bio page here, I saw that she was born in Jaipur, India and she talks about how colour (among other things) has always inspired her. Jaipur is also known as the Pink City. I remember going to Jaipur and the colours were almost overwhelming, so I can really see that in this kit. The colours are so delightful and each bead is engraved. Also, the year 2020 is stamped on the core.

Looking top to bottom we have the following:

Raspberry Bush

The sweeter the berries, the sharper the thorns.

Mint Mesh

Stay sharp.

Honey Bee

No time to be idle”, said the busy bee.

Lime Leaves

If life gives you limes, make margaritas.

Plum Tree

Be patient and know that the finest fruit comes from trees that grow slowly.

Blueberry Flower

A stroll in the garden brings peace of mind.

In the USA, the beads are $366 for the kit and the beads are available as singles for $61. In Canada, the beads are $444 for the kit and singles are $74.

For this blog post I wanted to look at beads I already have to see what goes with the new ones. I started with the Mint Mesh bead. Like the Korean Evergreen bead, Mint Mesh looks beautiful on celadon.

I ended up making a mini bracelet using (L-R) the Conch Lock, Ripples, Mint Mesh, Amazonite Bead and Light Blue Braid.

I tried the Mint Mesh with two beads from the retired Native Elements Kit, but I’m not sure about the result (below left bangle).

Next, let’s try a couple of things with the Blueberry Flower bead. I like the engraved flower on it.

This bangle uses the Breeze of Blue Bead, two Ripples silver beads and Azure Wave in the middle. I really like this look!

Blueberry Flower also pairs well with Blue Fantasy, White Stripe and Beach beads.

My early favourite from this kit, Lime Leaves, is so fresh looking! I love how it looks against my hostas.

I think it looks pretty with Quiet Landscape, a White Diamond bead and the cute Frog Bead.

Lime Leaves also pairs with the the Green and Purple Armadillo. Below left to right are a String Spacer, Sea Anemone, Lime Leaves, Green and Purple Armadillo, Healing Heart, Sea Anemone and String Spacer.

Here is a bangle with Mint Mesh, Quiet Landscape and Lime Leaves together with an X Jewellery bracelet that I already had made up. I quite like these colours together!

Moving on to the Honey Bee bead, it’s really a juicy orange. The engraved bee is darling and is easier to see in certain types of light.

I think it pairs well with a couple of glass beads from the retired Native Elements Kit.

I looked for some more recent glass beads with orange and found these! Below left to right are Rose of June, Aisle of Passion, Honey Bee, Lovers Faith and finally, the Joy Bead.

With two more beads to go, let’s check out the pretty Plum Tree. I just love it as a focal point between two Blooming Sakura beads. It’s such a delicate looking bead. I love it when newer beads can breathe new life into older beads.

Lastly, here is the hot pink Raspberry Bush. I adore hot pink beads and there don’t seem to be many of them. Maybe I’m the only one who likes them, ha! It goes wonderfully with the Garnet Feathers Bead and the Diamond Bead, Pink.

Here’s a better picture of the Garnet Feathers Bead. It’s an underrated bead, I think.

Ok, I think that’s it! Here are a couple more random photos and then a video of the beads. I realize this year there won’t be many in store Trollbeads Day celebrations, so I guess we’ll have to make our own fun. Please let me know if any of these beads are on your wish list!