For centuries, plants have been believed to possess magical powers. Across borders legends travel through time and cultures. Plants are used in love spells and potions to protect against storms and lightning.

Harvest the wild and use sacred plants to attract the positive and repel the negative. Stand upright but be flexible to navigate the journey of life. Remember that happiness blooms from within.

People are made of stories. So is nature. Some are defining and some are just for fun. Listen to nature and dare to believe. It just might make luck, fortune, and happiness flow into your home.

Welcome to the Nature’s Powers collection.

Every story has a bead.

Bead samples were provided by

The Nature’s Powers collection for autumn is out and features two new glass kits, one of which is faceted. The faceted kit was designed by Neetu Gupta, who is also the designer of the much loved Forest Life Kit from 2017. I really like how after being a Trollbeads fan for several years it’s getting easier to guess who the designer is for new releases. It’s so much fun to see a preview of a release and then try to figure out who designed which pieces. The Creators Kit retailers for $305 USD/ $366 CAD. The beads are also sold individually for $61 USD/ $74 CAD.

Below, left to right, are Flower Art, Hues of Heather, Still Life, Hues of Balance, Painter’s Palette, and Brushes of Shimmer.

The other glass kit, called Nature’s Myth, was designed by Tenzin Phuntsok and Kalden Chophel. They have designed many glass beads over the years including the beautiful Nightfall Kit from 2019. The kit retails for $250 USD/ $305 CAD.

Below, left to right, are Flow of Energy, Resilience Flower, Blue Bamboo, Fern Flower, Moth of Myth and Ginseng Root.

My favourite bead has got to be the Resilience Flower bead. Look at all the colours in the petals. Fantastic!

There are two new gemstones this season, Blue Sodalite ($72 USD/ $83 CAD) and Ruby Zoisite ($94 USD/ $108).

It will be fun to see the different variations. Here are un-retouched pictures of the samples I got. I really like them both and will be happy to wear them just one at a time on a bangle.

Designer Kristian Krydsfelt has two new silver beads which are perfect for art lovers. Tools of Art features some tiny scissors. It costs $83 USD/ $95 USD.

The second bead by Krydsfelt is called Brushes and Pencils. It’s $72 USD/ $83 CAD.

I’ve put both art beads on a bracelet below.

Søren Nielsen has some new designs also.

The designer of the very first Trollbeads, Søren Nielsen, has designed magnificent gemstones embraced by delicate silver. You will find a cradle, a halo, and a lock. The halo and the lock have two gemstones each-an amethyst and an adventurine. The cradle has a stunning lapis lazuli- the gemstone of the desire for knowledge. Sizes of the beads are matching the round stones in the Trollbeads collection.

The Cradle of Knowledge, with the Lapis Lazuli, retails for $72 USD/ $91 CAD. It’s on the bangle below, in the middle.

The Purple & Green Halo costs $83 USD/ $95 CAD. It can be used as a splitter bead. The Purple & Green Lock is $83 USD/ $95 CAD.

Check out the bracelet in this photo from Trollbeads. Wow, talk about goals!

Lastly, let’s look at the silver designs by new Trollbeads designer Tamara Levkovets. The Clover bead is totally my favourite and I absolutely adore it. It costs $72 USD/ $83 CAD.

The Fern bead has been very popular on social media. It’s $61 USD/ $74 CAD.

The Mandragora Spacer is a very interesting piece. The Mandragora appears in many legends and myths. As a talisman it attracts wealth and well-being. It brings good luck in love and success in business. It’s $105 USD/ $126 CAD. I haven’t had much time to play around with it, but wore it to school on a fantasy necklace with the Fern Bead. If you have your sound turned up, you can hear the acorns falling all around me!

The Verbena bead is quite big and costs $72 USD/ $83 USD. It’s below on the right.

The Thistle Lock is going to be a favourite of mine, as it lies nice and flat and is very comfortable to wear. It’s $72 USD/ $83 USD. It’s the lock on the bracelet below.

I’ve not had much time to play around with these lovely pieces, but here are a few more photos of combinations using some of the new beads from the Nature’s Powers collection.

I’d love to hear if you have any favourites from this collection. I think it’s going to take some time to think about ways to use the pieces and I would love to sit down and look to see what older beads fit in with the new ones. The Clover bead has really struck my fancy, as well as the Flower Art bead. The Hues of Heather is super pretty and I look forward to wearing it with other purple/pink beads. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment!