This blog post features product samples as well as purchased items.

Last weekend, True Beadz held an event to celebrate their 6th birthday by featuring some Live beads as well as several options for Made to Order beads. Some of the Made to Order beads are available until May 23, and I wanted to showcase some of them today. At the previous event in April, I ordered three Multi Blossom beads in Transparent Hot Pink, Opal Lemonade and Opal Poison Green. It’s always such a pleasure to open the wax seals!

Here’s what was in the other two packages!

The Opal Poison Green is very pale and I like how delicate the blossoms look.

Hot Pink is a favourite colour of mine and looks so wonderful with the silver. The silver bead below is called Hold the Door and makes me think of a secret garden.

The Equator Lace beads are stunning, especially in the sun.

Here is the colour chart taken from the True Beadz website. I’ve ordered a Transparent Blush/ Transparent Cactus and a Transparent Lilac/ Transparent Cactus. Can’t wait to see them!

I noticed that during the recent event, some beads that were in the Electric and Lime colour combination went quickly. This one in the middle below is not a lace bead, but is so fantastic and makes me think of the ocean.

The Made to Order Hearts beads are fresh and modern looking. All the MTO beads can be found here.

The silver bead in the middle is called True Beadz Heart and is part of the regular collection.

Here are a few more pictures to end things for today. I’d love to hear what you’ve ordered or if you have your eyes on anything. I also ordered 4 Taste beads as I was a huge fan of the original Taste beads. Have a great week!