Spiritbeads has come out with two new beads, a cute Panda Bead and some Bamboo for it to eat!

At the last official count of the Pandas in 2014 there were only 1864 remaining on the planet earth, thats why we have limited the Panda to this amount.

Furthermore Spiritbeads will make a donation to the WWF in order to support the protection of endangered animals like the Panda.

The Panda Bead is 55 EUR, is limited to 1864 pieces and comes with a certificate.

The Bamboo Bead is 45 EUR.

The pieces can be bought together for 90 EUR.

I love how two pieces of the Bamboo Bead can frame a glass bead. Tomorrow I will add a photo of the Bamboo with one of the new Trollbeads, as it suits it perfectly.

It also looks great as a focal point.

I think these beads make great companion pieces for Joyful Monkey. The Bamboo Bead has a special meaning for me as an oboe player. We make our reeds out of a grass that is similar to bamboo and over the years I’ve cut my fingers quite a bit as I’ve split the cane. πŸ˜€ I hope other people like these beads as much as I do. I like how the Panda Bead looks like it’s holding onto the Bamboo, or even without the Bamboo it looks like it’s holding onto the bangle. So let me know if you think you’ll get one of these! They are from Star Bijou in Germany and you can switch their website to English.

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.