Trollbeads Adventure Begins, Autumn 2018

The Trollbeads Autumn Collection for 2018 is called Adventure Begins and it comes out September 14th, with pre-orders starting today at There are two glass kits, two locks, two spacers, 10 silver beads, two stones, two hair bands and a French Twist Comb.

Glass is always my favourite part of any collection, so let’s start there.

Drift Away Kit, designed by Lise Aagaard. $175 USD/$224 CAN.

The glass beads are available individually for $35 USD/$45 CAN.

Fresh Breeze

You cannot control the wind, but you can direct the sails.

Mountain Climb

The best view comes after the hardest climb.

Warm Breeze

Let the warm breeze make the cold disappear.


“Always do your best. What you plant now, you’ll harvest later.”-Og Mandino

Drifting Balloons

Let nothing keep you down.

Stepping Stones

Turn your wounds into stepping stones for success.

The New Adventures Kit features faceted glass and was designed by Neetu Gupta. $275 USD/$364 CAN.

These are available individually for $55 USD/$74 CAN.


Celebrate life by travelling and get memories for a lifetime.

Polar Dreams

Behind the ice mountain, true wonders are waiting.

Wild Jungle

Sometimes you need to stop and take the fight instead of running away.

Lonely Island

Dare to go new ways and be open for the adventure.

Open Sky

The sky is the limit. Only your mind sets the barrier.

Quiet Landscape

Take time to reflect and listen to your heart.

The Foxtail Lock, below left, is designed by Thor Hay and is $65 USD/$86 CAN.

Since ancient times, the foxtail has been an amulet for good luck.

The Dancing Butterfly Lock, below right, is designed by Louise Rimpler and is $55 USD/$73 CAN.

Feel the lightness and joy – just like the dancing butterfly.

The Foxtail Spacer (photo below, top row) is designed by Thor Hay and is $35 USD/$41 CAN.

The Crown of Leaves Spacer (bottom row) is designed by Louise Rimpler and is $45 USD/$61 CAN.

Wear your crown with pride.

All the rest of the silver pieces are designed by Louise Rimpler.

Choose for yourself whether you want to go by plane, train or maybe an air balloon! Enjoy the ride – it’s not all about the destination

Old School Suitcase, $45 USD/$61 CAD.

Ready to go!

Air Balloon, $45 USD/$61 CAN.

To rise you have to let go of what is holding you down.

Vintage Airplane, $45 USD/$61 CAN.

Life is a journey- make the most out of it.

Automobile, $45 USD/$61 CAN.

Enjoy the ride – it’s not all about the destination.

Locomotive, $45 USD/$61 CAN.

Hop on the train- ahead waits an adventure.

A trip in nature is romantic and can sometimes leave you in awe…

Maple Leaves, $35 USD/$41 CAN.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”-Albert Camus

Ratatoskr, $35 USD/$41 CAN.

In Nordic mythology he travels between the worlds bringing news from one to another.

There are three new designs for Hallowe’en.

Paradox, $35 USD/$41 CAN.

Choose your path – the world is your playground.

Scarecrow $45 USD/$61 CAN.

What you believe to be the most dangerous often turns out to be an illusion.

Witch Shoes $45 USD/ $61 CAN.

“Do not judge my past, you haven’t walked in my shoes or ridden my broom.”-A.M. Galdorcraeft

Two new stones are making an appearance.

Steel Hematite is $65 USD/$83 CAN.

The hematite is said to energize your body and enhance your courage. Let it help to make your dreams come true.

Angle Wing Alunite is $65 USD/$83 CAN

Angel Wing Alunite is balancing the yin and yang energies and it is said to help to stabilize you both physically and emotionally.

Lastly, there are three new pieces for hair, designed by Lise Aagaard. The Alice Band and Alice Band Twisted are $225 USD/$293 CAN each and the French Twist Comb is $$200 USD/$260 CAN.

Ok, that’s it! Now for some random combo photos. My favourites are the Drift Away Kit, the Witch Shoes (which fit Pandora bracelets, by the way) and the Scarecrow. Do let me know if there are any pieces you’d like to get!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.