So, is it just me or do Spiritbeads seem really popular these days? Just a short while ago the next Kokeshi Limited Edition silver bead, called Little Miss Sunshine, was released and if it is not sold out already it will likely soon be. It seems like the previous two Limited Edition Kokeshi beads also sold quickly and I bet the next one will too! You can see all the Spiritbeads here on the Star Bijou website. Little Miss Sunshine is delightful with her umbrella and the little decorations in her hair.

The Samurai is absolutely amazing, with detail that makes him look so fierce and graceful at the same time. Each of these beads is €52 or there is an option to bundle the two beads as ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ for €96 instead of €104.

First I made up a Pandora bangle with the True Beadz February Dangle of the Month to show how they are in love. πŸ’•

Next I tried the Samurai with two True Beadz True Touch Stormy Heavens. I thought it looked like the Samurai had used his weapon to slice through the beads, making the lines in them.

With Little Miss Sunshine sure to enjoy yellow, I put her with a couple of True Beadz True Blossom Sunlight Spots and the Ohm Beads Purple Haze Beads.

Here, we have some Kokeshi sisters hanging out with some Pandora beads and a Spiritbeads necklace. The silver Sakura beads are also Spiritbeads and I use them all the time!

Other Spiritbeads decided to join in for a larger bracelet. Happy Monk and Joyful Monkey are very sweet.

Yesterday I wore a small version of this on a bangle. Lately I’ve been wearing the Trollbeads Star Bangle a lot because I like how colours really pop on it.

And now for the Unicorn! It comes in different finishes and some versions have a diamond in the eye, so check out the website here for those. I love how the hair flows, especially on the back. It’s also €52 for the silver version.

With the Unicorn I went for using Trollbeads with pastel colours with glitter.

Spiritbeads is really making a splash in the modular jewelry world. The line of little Kokeshis is so sweet and then the addition of other beads such as the Samurai and Unicorn means there’s something for many different tastes. I look forward to seeing what Nicolai comes up with next!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.