As most of you have probably already seen on Instagram or Facebook, a fantastic wood display box arrived from Russia on Friday. Made by Custom Woodworks Moscow, or CWWMSK, this is a similar revolving beads display cube to what Julia and Star Bijou have. Karen Avakov is the man who makes the wood part of the wood True Beadz. His work can be seen in his Etsy shop here and there will be a website coming in February. He makes custom storage solutions for jewelry, watches and cuff links.

Storage has long been a problem for me. I have a white Trollbeads box that is great but it doesn’t hold my whole collection and I don’t think it can be bought anywhere. I keep a lot of silver beads in Pandora anti-tarnish boxes but my glass beads have been languishing in dollar store ice cube trays for a while. What I love about the spinning box is that I can finally see my glass beads. This box is about 29cm high and 20cm across. The rods will hold about 17-18 Trollbeads or about 13 True Beadz.

There’s also a storage area in the top. That’s where I’m going to keep new and seasonal items, plus I’ve got a couple of rods of Trollbeads there.

I can’t emphasize enough what a solid build this is and how smoothly it spins. The box is pretty heavy and the rods are easy to put on and take off. I made a couple of videos in different light.

Here’s a last look at the bead tower. If anyone has any questions I can try to answer, or you can contact Karen through Instagram or his Etsy store. When Trisha and I did our first #beadstv live stream on Friday night I couldn’t stop spinning it around and Gabi from Star Bijou said the ladies who shop in her store also do the same. I hope you will check out his Etsy Store if you’re looking to invest in a lovely storage system.

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples