It’s all about the flowers today, even though we are in the midst of winter where I live in Canada. The snow is blowing about and it’s really cold outside, but I thought I’d try a couple of combos using the Katniss Pendant ($55 USD)…

…and the Rose Spacer ($45 USD).

The Rose Spacer is great for using between a couple of glass beads, especially ones in a solid colour, as it is pretty decorative.

I also like it on the end of a bangle.

I’ve seen it used on a Fantasy Necklace a fair amount, also. The silver bead below is the Fantasy Hibiscus. It’s quite small and I usually use it at the top of a Fantasy Necklace, but here I put it under the Rosa Pearl.

The Katniss Pendant is so sweet by itself on a Fantasy Necklace, as I showed in my Enchanted Forest Collection blog post here.

It would hang perfectly on a Chain Necklace but I don’t have one, so fashioned this using the Changeable Fantasy Necklace. The silver piece just above it is the lovely Apple Blossom Pendant.

Since the Katniss Pendant has two loops on the back, I tried it on a Green Leather Bracelet. I really like this look!

This look is pretty simple and clean looking, I think.

Here’s my favourite combo, though. I don’t want to take this apart!

That’s it for today! I hear that the Katniss Pendant has been a best seller, so I look forward to seeing everyone’s combinations with it!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples