Today I’ve got an all silver OHM bracelet using some new to me beads that are pretty fun. First up is Pi Pie ($40 USD). It’s a perfect bead to help celebrate Pi Day on March 14. One of my kids is really good at math, so this is a great way for me to think of him.

Next is Short Circuit ($50 USD). The same son also likes fiddling around with electronics by taking things apart and trying to make something new, so again, it’s a great way to think of him. Also, this bead has always made me think of the Borg, from Star Trek. πŸ˜€ The detail is amazing!

The third bead is Player 1 ($55 USD). I have a lot of great memories associated with video games, starting with my very first one, Pong! I remember getting it for Christmas in the 1970’s and it was so exciting! I’ve had a few consoles since then with Nintendo being my favourite company.

The fourth bead is called Magic Sight ($40 USD) and as a lifelong wearer of glasses and contact lenses, it is quite meaningful to me.

Here’s how they fit on a bangle.

With these fantastic silver beads I thought I’d make up a full silver bracelet.

Some of these beads are not available for sale anymore except on the secondary market, but I wanted to use them anyway, as I really love them. I’ll put an asterisk beside beads that are still easily available to purchase.

Below left to right are OHM Jar*, Hug Me, Coffee Collection, Pi Pie*, Picnic Basket* and Cupcake*.

Below left to right are Magic Sight*, Short Circuit*, Luna, Lucky Stars, UFO* and Player 1*.

Below left to right are Gnome Home*, Aunt Gnome*, Mr. Gnome*, My Latte*, Chi Chi Sticks, Sock Monster, three Typo beads* and Circus Tent.

Lastly, I made up a mixed brand bracelet, thinking of Short Circuit representing the Borg from Star Trek, in an ‘outer space is cold’ theme. This uses some True Beadz in the Stormy Heavens colour group.

Lately I’ve been having fun doing Live Stories on Instagram and have started a YouTube channel called BeadWorldTV (although I’m not sure that it will take off.) I do the Live Streams with my friend Trisha of @the_mcctrish and we have some guests lined up from TrollbeadsUSA, Redbalifrog, Star Bijou and Ohm Beads. Join in the fun as you can directly ask questions and we will try to answer. The TrollbeadsUSA guest will be this Friday at 3:45 EST. πŸŽ‰ Hope you’ve enjoyed this look at some ohmsome Ohm Beads!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.