On Friday, March 2, the cute little BOTM (Bead of the Month) for March will be released, called Bunny Angel. Retailing at $50 USD, there should be some available on release day on the Ohm website, but you might want to be quick if you want one. It is just adorable! The halo is absolutely wonderful and he really has a sweet face.

Look at the detail on the wings!

Here’s a video to show the size on a bangle.

I imagine in this bangle that Sock Monster is upset that Bunny Angel ate all the Cadbury Creme Eggs. 😱

In the photo below, I’ve made up a full Ohm bracelet using some bright colours for spring. The silver flower bead on the left is called Lotus ($55 USD) and on the right is Rose ($55 USD).

Another bead that is coming out March 2 is called Trainwreck ($50 USD), but it’s not a Limited Edition. I remember being at a Bead Bash a couple of years ago when a customer asked Ohm to make it. Fast forward to now and the bead is here! For me it will be a representation of music concerts that have gone badly or almost gone badly. A few times I’ve played in an orchestra under a conductor who hadn’t properly studied the music or was known to be inept. Usually musicians will ignore those conductors, or the pieces of music will become a train wreck! Also, sometimes a soloist might get lost or come in wrong and a certain section might be a train wreck. This is sure to be such a personal bead for people, as it will represent something different for each person. I love the little teeth at the front of the train and how it looks to be more smushed as we get to the back of the train.

It looks great on a necklace! For this shot I used the Ohm Beads Ball Chain Necklace but without the ball part.

Lastly, I’ve got a combo with Short Circuit and the Live bead, plus some of the fabulous Typos beads.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this look at some upcoming Ohm Beads. Don’t forget Perlen will have a special Ohm Bead for pre-order starting at 8am EST on Saturday. Note to self: set an alarm!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.