The Enchanted Forest Collection will be available January 19th and today I’ve got some photos to share. Let’s start with my personal favourite, the Enchanted Peacock Pendant ($115) (all prices in USD), designed by Kristian Krysfeldt, featured here on the Fantasy Necklace with Peacock Pearl ($145), designed by Lise Aagaard. Click on the video to see the other side. I think it’s an incredible statement piece and if I had been buying something from this collection, this would be how I would spend my money.

The Blooming Katniss Pendant ($55) will have many uses and I like it on the necklace. The back of it has two loops. I couldn’t make a combo on a bracelet I was happy with so will be looking to see what others do!

The necklace itself is so beautiful and here I’ve added in an Amethyst, Black Onyx and the Shimmer Royal Bead. The little silver bead on top is the new Life Circle.

Here is the elegant Peacock Lock ($55), designed by Kristian Krysfeldt.

The earrings are super pretty! Designed by Lise Aagaard, there are White Pearl Oval Drop, Peacock Pearl Oval Drops, White Pearls Round Drops and Peacock Pearl Round Drops, all meant to be worn with Earring Hooks. Each pair of earrings is $125 and the Earring Hooks range from $25-117. The Blooming Katniss Earrings are designed by Søren Nielsen and are $55.

The Unfolding Ring is another design by Søren Nielsen and it’s a gorgeous statement piece. ($115)

There is one Spacer with this release and it’s called Lightning Bud, designed by Søren Nielsen. ($45)

Now for the glass, always my favourite part of a bead collection, no matter what the brand.

There are two sets, at $175 each. This is the Enchanted Animal Kit, designed by Tenzin Phuntsok and Kalden Chophel, of the Winter Wonder Kit fame.

Individually the beads cost $35.

Emerald Tiger

Sapphire Cheetah

Garnet Feathers

Opal Jaguar

Prehnite Peacock

Topas Tiger

The Wonderland Kit was designed by Tashi, Dhundup and Dolma, who also designed the Enchanted Day’s Kit.


Stardust Stripe

Enchanted Flowers

Gleam Stripe


Blaze Stripe

I tried a couple of bangles using some of the new beads.

Lastly, here are the silver beads. The Life Circle at $25 is going to be one I will buy more of. I love little beads like this as spacers. It’s designed by Mette Saabye.

The Peacock Feather Bead is such a great small size. I think this one will be quite popular. It’s $35 and designed by Kristian Krysfeldt.

The Flying Fish Bead is also $35 and designed by Aleksandra Kuczynska.

The Wilderness Bead and Noble Deer Bead are both designed by Josefine R Smith and cost $45 each.

The Response Bead is $55 and designed by Søren Nielsen. It will be a great focal bead as it’s fairly big.

There are three monkey beads at $55 each, designed by Thomas Cenius. My fabulous is the first one with the little peace sign!



…& Harmony Bead

Here is a size comparison photo with all the silver pieces.

It was a lot of fun playing with these beads today. Obviously one day isn’t enough time to fully grasp the many possibilities for these beads, but I hope you’ve enjoyed this look and that the photos might prove useful for decision making.

Do let me know if you have any favourites!

Video added to show the silver beads:

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

Edited to add a few more combos: