The Pteranodon Skull bead ($55 USD) is the newest addition to the Rawr collection. Designed to work on a bracelet or the Ohm Ball Necklace, it’s a perfect size, in my opinion. It’s not too unwieldy to wear on a bracelet and in fact curves around a bangle just perfectly.

Here’s a closer look.

Of course, a video is always the best way to see beads.

The way I will wear this most is on the Ball Chain Necklace. The kids at school are going to love it!

I only have one piece of Rawr glass and I’ve put it alongside my other dinosaur skull, the T-Rex. Its teeth are so fierce! It’s still available for sale, for $60 USD. The glass is long gone, I’m afraid.

Lastly, so you can see the size on a bigger bracelet, I’ve got a little theme going where Ohm Gnome is living amongst the dinosaurs before the space aliens destroy the earth with a meteor. πŸ€”πŸ˜€ At the end of the month it will be Draw a Dinosaur Day and Ohm always has some fun activities, so take a look for that on social media. Rawr!!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.