This blog post contains samples as well as purchased items.

Hello! September always feels like the beginning of a new year to me. As such, I’m going to try writing more blog posts this year, but sometimes they will be very short. Would you believe that when I first started my blog I would do a post almost every day? That was bonkers! 😅

Today I’ve got a few new Spiritbeads with the newest being the Amabie Yokai, a mermaid with three legs, from Japanese mythology. In the description it says, “ According to the legend, the Amabie appeared in the Edo period. During the night, a glowing object was seen in the sea almost every day. The city official went to the coast to watch and examine the Amabie. According to a sketch, it had long hair, a mouth like a bird’s beak, was covered with scales from the neck down, and was tripod. It introduced itself to the officer as Amabie and told him that lived on the open sea. It conveyed the following prophecy: “This year there will be a good harvest for six years; when a disease spreads, draw a picture of me and show it to those who get sick and they will be cured.” Then it returned to the sea.”

Nicolai of Spiritbeads said that the Amabie Yokai has become popular in Japan due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Actually, how fitting that I’m partaking in a 5 hour long Health and Safety training seminar today! 😷

Here are some close ups of the bead. I love the hair! She will be available to ship from September 4 and is €55.

As always, a video is the best way to show a bead:

I have a few other new beads as well. This glass bead is called Swimming Pool (€55) and indeed, the blue really looks like a swimming pool.

This cute little Lucky Healthy Cat (€55) is wearing a mask. It’s a limited edition with 155 pieces produced.

This pendant, called Keep a Secret (€75) is quite delightful. It has a hinged bottom and came with a quote on a little piece of paper tucked inside. You could put anything you want it in, like a little photo or lock of hair.

I put it on my new Pandora Beaded O Pendant.

It also works on a bracelet.

Ok, that’s it for today! I really like seeing something different in the bead world and always enjoy anything that is Japanese inspired. Does anyone see anything they’d like?