This blog post contains product samples as well as purchased items.

Trollbeads held a contest a while back whereby people could submit photos of their favourite Unique bead. After the voting, these are the 6 beads that were chosen and are available as Limited Edition beads, sold in a kit for $300 USD/ $366 CAD, or as singles for $50 USD/ $61 CAD each. These samples today are from

I only got the beads a couple of days ago, so might add some more pictures over the next couple of weeks. But let’s start with the entire kit. It’s not what I would consider to be a cohesive kit, which is to be expected. When I first took a look, I thought that the two beads on the left went together, then the two beads in the middle, with the two on the end being singletons.

I think my early favourite is the Night Sky Glitter. The sky is full of stars. There is a wish for everyone.

The Everchanging Lotus is my next favourite. Let the kindness of your heart speak.

The Waves of Sea is sure to be popular, in my opinion. Beauty lives in the dance of the waves.

I made up a blue bracelet with these three beads and I quite like how these look together.

The Multicolour Spirograph is interesting but not really my thing. It has a real party atmosphere to it!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.Albert Einstein.

Traces on Purple is really lovely. It has that golden colour at the core that is so beautiful. Follow the trace in the shades of purple.

Lastly, Flowers of Purity is so pretty and I was happy to see Serena from Instagram receive her two kits as a prize for submitting this bead!

Pure happiness is just to be.

Are you thinking of buying any of these beads? Would you get the whole kit or choose a couple of beads from this release? I always enjoy a bead discussion, so let me know!