This blog post contains product samples as well as purchased items.

Today there are a couple of sweet silver friends coming out at Aurora Charm. I made a few short videos so you could see what they look like all around. But first, I am really enamoured with their stunning glass and silver Jellyfish and wanted to show it here. I think it’s very reasonably priced, considering how substantial and well made it is. I dropped it by accident onto our brick patio when holding it up to the sky and it didn’t break! It’s €64.95.

It is truly spectacular.

I like it with the Ohm Beads Monkey Fist silver beads.

I also think it matches up well with the Silver Trace, Turquoise beads.

The two new charms are very sweet and would be wonderful to give as a gift to an expectant mother.

Patch the Giraffe has an adorable tilt to its head. It costs €42.95.

Scotch the Cow is also very cute. It is €39.95.

I hope you enjoyed this quick look at these beads. Do let me know what you think!