This blog post contains product samples from Trollbeads as well as purchased items.

This year’s winner of the People’s Bead competition is Amanda White of England. This is the second time she’s won, with the previous winning bead design being Tropical Travels. The winning bead this time is called Framed by Ivy and can encompass a round stone or a pearl. I also was able to fit a prism, and Laura (@evepink123) on Instagram was even able to fit two round stones! It is possible that my piece was bent slightly during shipping, so do take a look around on social media to see the way people and stores are using it.

First, a bit about Amanda, the designer, and the inspiration behind the bead.

Amanda was born in Buckinghamshire (United Kingdom) in 1976, the same year the Trollbeads story began. From a young age she developed an interest in drawing and painting. She sees creativity as a gift, a talent that she inherited from her mother. Amanda has studied Art & Design at University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her profession is Graphic Design, where she works as a Creative Artworker.
Her passions are nature, design and music. Amanda draws inspiration from her surroundings. It doesn’t matter if she is in a busy city or the open countryside; there is always something of interest. Her opinion is that a lifetime is not long enough to see and experience all of the beauty our planet has to offer. She enjoys long walks with her boyfriend and loves to explore new destinations and capture the memories with her camera. She has a particular fondness for mountains, lakes and rock pools.

Amanda is a previous winner of People’s Bead in 2015 with ‘Tropical Travels’. When contemplating a new design for People’s Bead 2020, Amanda once again returned to her love of nature. “This design was created during a time all nations were urged to stay apart in order to protect those we love. In troubled times I found my solace by walking through the woods and countryside. During each visit I passed ivy covered trees. I admire ivy for it’s determination, vigour and longevity. Against all odds the faithful ivy forms a strong bond which remains constant throughout the year. I wanted my design to symbolise the unity we share with those we love. The “Framed by Ivy” bead will encompass a precious gemstone or pearl.”

Framed by Ivy is $72 USD/ $83 CAD.

A forever love withstands the test of time, like the faithful Ivy its bond cannot be broken.

Let’s take a look at the piece in a video.

First I tried it on a bangle, as a bangle is what I wear most days. My bangle is a size Medium and it was a tight fit. If you buy a Framed by Ivy, I’d maybe ask the store if it will fit on whatever size bangle you want to wear it on, if that is a consideration for you.

I like how the vines are so graceful.

Next I tried Framed by Ivy on a Fantasy Necklace. I like how it looks here!

Lastly, I tried the bead on a chain bracelet with a Yellow Prism.

Here’s a video of the same bracelet. Please excuse the dry hands-I’ve been washing them a zillion times each day in kindergarten class.

A combo I’d really like to see is a bracelet with a Framed by Ivy-Trollbeads Anemone Pendant-Framed by Ivy. I think there will be many combinations that work with this lovely silver bead. Congratulations again to Amanda! I hope you enjoyed this quick look at Framed by Ivy.