This blog post features some product samples as well as some purchased items.

I hate camping. We used to do car camping trips when the kids were little, from coast to coast across Canada and the USA. Now, you couldn’t pay me money to sleep in a tent. So when OHM came out with the camping collection, I thought there wouldn’t be much for me, but it turns out there are some delightful pieces. 😀 This is not the entire collection. Check out the OHM website to see it all.

The most intriguing piece is the OHM Ball, a tiny version of the OHM Ball Necklace. It’s perfect for turning beads into dangles. I really like it to make the OHM Whip Bracelet turn into a casual necklace.

To gauge the size, here it is alongside other beads.

To turn the Whip Bracelet into a necklace, here is how I fastened it. It’s not completely secure, but I wore it around the house for a day and it stayed on fine.

I like how the T-Rex sits on the leather with the OHM Ball.

Of course, you could just wear it on the leather as a bracelet. I like pieces of jewelry that are so versatile. Really, you could use the OHM Ball on pretty much any chain or leather necklace.

When using it on a bangle, it doesn’t hang down too low. I like wearing dangles because I enjoy the feel of them tossing about on my hand and wrist. Here I’ve paired it with the silver Lantern bead and the glass bead called Camp Firewood.

The Lantern bead is really sweet.

Two new beads that really caught my attention were the Mandala

…and Monkey Fist.

I bought another Monkey Fist during one of the free shipping promos and will likely end up buying a second Mandala also. I so like abstract beads. Some people like to mostly use beads that have a personal meaning or connection, but I’m the opposite and mostly like abstract beads. These will be just perfect for putting on a bangle with one glass bead in the middle.

Another new to me bead is the yellow Camp Walden. It’s on the top, pictured below. Look how the colour blends in with the Cheesy bead. Perfect! The bottom bead is my beloved Live Your Fantasy bead from years ago.

I wanted to see which beads in my collection matched up with the Camp Firewood bead. It’s an unusual colour for glass beads and I really like it. It looks great with the Trollbeads Diamond bead I bought from The Netherlands.

One Ohm Bead that I feel does make a great match, is the Burst of Life bead, second from the left. In the middle I’ve used Incremental Change, then the Fleur De Lis bead and Camp Walden finish it off.

Ok, that’s it for today! I know some people love camping, so this collection was a must have. But for others, is there anything you see here that you like, or maybe you’ve already purchased something? Do let me know, as I always love to chat about beads! 😀