For the first time in 8 years I went on a trip (Disney World) and didn’t take any beads or bracelets with me. I knew I would be wearing a MagicBand the whole time, so really, there was no point. This weekend I had some free time and looked through my bead boxes and wondered what I could do to make more use out of the many gorgeous beads I have. I’ve been getting samples and doing this blog since 2016, so there are many beads just sitting around, and I feel a bit sad for them! I don’t build bracelets every day anymore, maybe just once or twice a week. So, I made up a bunch of ‘grab and go’ bracelets that I hope to keep permanently. Fortunately I have quite a few Trollbeads chains and locks, so the basics were already there. I’m not going to list what all these beads are but if you have any questions I can try to help.

The first one I made uses Moress Charms and Elfbeads. That sushi pig one is so funny! I really like their Lili Tae inspired beads, especially the Eternal Ballerina with the three little dangles.

This bracelet consists of Redbalifrog beads and Elfbeads glass. I really like this one and can’t wait to wear it.

This sunny yellow bracelet uses Argo Studios beads, Chronicles Amber beads and two matte silver balls from Ilko Beads. I’m really happy with how this one turned out.

Next up are a couple of OHM bracelets. The first one uses some of the beautiful pink and purple beads. No theme here, just some of my favourite beads from years past.

This next one will be great to wear with black clothes. The Luna bead is quite a treasure!

My last new permanent bracelet uses the sweet Kokeshi dolls from Spiritbeads and some more Elfbeads glass.

Here’s one more bracelet, although it won’t be a permanent one. It’s all Trollbeads and I adore these colours together.

That’s all for today! I thought I’d make this quick little post to perhaps inspire someone else who is in a bead rut and trying to figure out how to use what they have. Do you have some old favourites that need more love? What are your go to bracelets these days? I’d love to hear about them!