200 million years ago, turtles mingled with the dinosaurs. With their protective shields and navigational abilities, they have stood the test of time and change.

From their inception on a sandy shore, the turtle hatches from an egg, and then begins a dangerous journey towards the ocean. Not everyone will make it. But those who do always come back to the same beach where their life started to lay their own eggs. Such is the miracle and circle of life.

The turtle is the master of its own destiny and must seek its own happiness. Once it reaches the water, it starts growing and takes on its majestic form. With graceful strokes, these gentle giants glide through our oceans for decades and centuries. Some travel up to 15.000 km every year.

Life is a Miracle – Serenity will be launching on May 19, 2023.

Bead samples are provided by Trollbeads.com.

The Life is a Miracle collection consists of silver beads designed by Louise Rimpler and glass beads designed by Tenzin Phuntsok and Kalden Chophel. Let’s start with my two favourites, the glass bead called Mermaid Reflections and the silver and citrine quartz turtle called Long Life. The layering of scales and colours in the Mermaid Reflections is outstanding.

This small collection is really cohesive and these two beads go together beautifully.

Now let’s add in another turtle themed bead, Steady Pace. The eyes are super cute and again, the colours match so well with Mermaid Reflection.

I find these colours to be so calming. Perfect for report card writing season!

Let’s take a look at the bangle in the front row, down below. When I looked through my bead collection, I noticed that the armadillos from last year used very similar colours to the Life is a Miracle collection. Going left to right, the beads are Happiness Armadillo Bead, the new Sand Grains Bead, the new In Memory Bead which features a Blue Lace Agate stone, the new Sand Grooves Bead and the Dream Armadillo Bead.

There’s a new pendant, meant for the Changeable Fantasy Necklace. The Pendant of Calm features a sweet silver tortoise atop some blue glass. I can really picture this little guy swimming in the ocean.

Again, we can add this piece into the mix and the colours are very harmonious.

There’s a glass bead I don’t have but you can see that online, and then there is a green one called Seagrass. It adds a bit of a bright pop of colour to the mix.

This really is a lovely summer collection and almost feels like a continuation of last summer’s collection.

There’s a tiny silver bead, called Force of Life, as well as a new clasp. The clasp is called Turtle Clasp and has a citrine quartz on one side and a cognac quartz on the other.

In the video, you can see a tiny cut out heart on the Force of Life silver bead.

The blue and yellow Sand Grooves Bead in the sun is just delicious looking. I love that buttery shade of yellow.

Every summer one of my favourite beads to use is the classic Starfish Bead.

Are we getting in the mood for summer yet?

Ok, that’s it for today! I was really pleased to get these beads as samples as I like each and every one of them. If I had been purchasing these myself, I would have bought the Mermaid Reflections and the Steady Pace beads. Since I’m one of those people who lives in a bead desert, I don’t often get the opportunity to see or buy fancy uniques and these two bring that quality to the table. If I had been in a store, those two beads would have stood out to me. The level of craftsmanship is incredible. There are so many colours and details that the artisans making them must have such a high level of skill and precision. The opinions I want to hear though, are yours! Will any of these beads be added to your collection? I’d love to find out!