There is a fresh wind. Light is reflected in the water and waves keep crushing against the pier. In the sky above, clouds are playing dramatically. Even though it’s a windy day, a feel of summer is floating through the body. And so close to you, wildlife in the ocean unfolds.

Suddenly a dolphin is playfully jumping over the waves. It is a reminder to keep watching for wonders and never stop believing in dreams.

People are made of stories. Some are defining and some are just for fun. Keep your eyes open and be ready to create new stories. And remember that even a tiny drop causes a ripple.

All bead samples are provided by

This summer there is a small collection with 6 glass beads, a lock, 2 spacers and a silver bead. The glass beads are designed by Tenzin Phuntsok and Kalden Chophel, while the silver pieces are designed by a new Trollbeads designer named Milos Tutus.

Let’s look at the silver pieces first. For me the lock is an absolute must have for summer. I love the ripples as well as the dolphins. It lays really well and is easy to use-always a bonus, especially for aging hands! The Dolphins Fun Clasp is $72 USD.

The Dolphin Family bead is a like a tiny, beautiful sculpture. There’s such a feeling of movement and with the dolphins going round and round, I can picture them in the ocean. The bead is $61 USD.

The two new spacers are called Seaweed Spacer and Dolphins Kiss Spacer and they are $50 USD each. I like how they are approximately the same width, as they will look great together on a bangle.

Now let’s take a look at the glass. The glass beads are actually not a kit, even though they most definitely could be. Each bead is $50 USD.

Azure Ripples is my favourite, as I adore the texture and colour.

Treasure Cave looks so fresh to me. It makes me think of super cold water, like Lake Superior in the springtime!

Ocean Life has super cute fish on it.

Sea View has awesome bubbles/bumps.

Power Dolphin showcases this wonderful mammal.

Lastly, Crushing Waves has an organic look it, as if to suggest that the waves are stirring up the bottom of the ocean.

These beads perfectly complement the glass beads from last year’s Summer Vibes collection.

They also blend in well with blue and green beads from the Nature’s Myth Kit.

Here’s the same bracelet, but in the shade.

As the summer goes on I might add some more photos to this post. Could this be a summer of ‘normal’ coming up? I believe it was two years ago that beaches were closed where I live here in Canada! Then last year was a bit of a mess also, although we were able to travel about a bit more and we went to Vancouver for a holiday. This summer, lots of people will be traveling and I’m thrilled that we are at school in person and not online. I’d love to hear about your summer plans and whether or not these beads are something you’d put on your wishlist!

Ok, adding in a photo to show that Silver Mountain works really well with these beads!