Recently, I received beads as samples from the new Mountain View collection from True Beadz, as well as a few Made to Order (MTO) beads that I purchased. I find the Made to Order events very addictive. It’s fun to try out new colour and finish combinations. This time I ordered a Marmor bead with silver flakes. I adore the Marmor colours and have quite a few variations now. Here is the bead with silver flakes along with my beloved True Touch Marmors and MTO Marmor Blossom on Ivory beads.

I also ordered a Blossom bead (hot pink on baby pink) and it’s so dreamy looking. The petals look so delicate with the white edges.

A bead that has really captured my fancy is one I bought during the event, but now can be Made to Order. It would be called ‘Plum Base Multi Colour Blossom’. These three pictures are showing different parts of the same bead. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Moving on to the Mountain View release, in my opinion the star of the show is the True Peak bead. I really like how realistic it is, with the snow capped peaks, the little tree and especially the teeny tiny house. It is hollow and open bottomed, so you can fit one or two dangles inside. Here are two different views of the True Peak bead.

The Happy Sheep silver dangle is my next favourite. I like the little hooves!

An unusual bead is the Norma Jeane Sheep, which looks like a sheep pretending to be Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch. I could be wrong, but I think that’s the movie where she stands over a subway grate and the wind blows up her skirt. I have to hand it to True Beadz, as this seems a bit out there, but when you consider the amount of recycled ideas in bead world these days, a spark of originality is most welcome!

Let’s take a look at the High Clouds silver bead. It has many clouds in different shapes. I wish I could have shown it to my little bead loving students! We just finished school and during the last week I took my Outdoor Education classes outside to lie down and look up at the clouds, to see the shapes. The little girls would have loved this bead.

There are also two glass beads in the Mountain View collection, a dangle and a bead. The bead is called Mountain View and can be made in several colours and with or without a murrini sheep. By choosing colours for the sky, you can have the bead represent a sunset or clear day, whatever suits you best. The dangle can also be made in different colours and with or without a little murrini sheep. So cute!

Here’s one more picture using some of my lovely pink and purple beads. I might add a new picture later of True Peak with a mountain in the background as the summer goes on.

So, are any of these beads on your wishlist? I am tempted to get another couple of Made to Order beads, I must say. I saw a picture of a Marmor Blossom on a Freeze background and it looks amazing. The Made to Order event runs from July 4-10, 2022. Have a great beginning of the summer!