Sometimes we all need to add a little colour to the daily life.  Artists have long believed that colour can affect moods, feelings and emotions. “Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions,” the artist Pablo Picasso once remarked. 

It is time for happy shades, casting shimmer to your life and bracelet. As a summer treat, we this year bring you the limited edition Twinkle collection. 

The Limited Edition Twinkle collection is available in stores and online from July 29, 2022. 

The collection consists of 6 glass beads. All beads are horizontally two-toned in delicate pastel colours. All of the beads are embedded with 13 sparkling zirconia. 

Bead samples are provided by

This summer’s set of six glass beads, the Twinkle collection, was designed by Lise Aagaard. They will retail for $72 USD/$85 CAD/65€ each.

Below left to right, the beads are named Twinkle Nature, Twinkle Hazel, Twinkle Hope, Twinkle Passion, Twinkle Peace and Twinkle Future.

As you can see from these samples, on some beads the two colours are more pronounced than on others. Also, depending on the light, it will be easier or harder to see the differences.

Let’s jump right in to take a close look at Twinkle Hope, as I know a lot of collectors were hoping it would be a good stand in for the Korean Diamond bead, called Evergreen. In order to buy that bead, you had to know someone in Korea who would be willing to purchase it and send it to you. I was fortunate enough to be able to buy one, but in general I get no thrill from the chase of elusive and hard to find beads. I’m aware that some people love the chase, it’s just not my thing, just as I don’t care for blind bag purchases. Anyways, I think the Twinkle Hope bead will satisfy some people, while others might be disappointed. Twinkle Hope and Twinkle Nature immediately made me think of the retired Native Elements Kit. That one was designed by Gail Crossman Moore and had a bit of a cult following. It was so different from other kits, in colouring and design. Those beads are the six ones on the left hand side, below. The Korean bead is on the far right. For each Twinkle bead, I decided to see which beads in my collection would go with them, as I think that’s one of the best things about Trollbeads, that you can use beads from years ago with new beads.

For this bracelet I also added in my Canadian Jade beads and two Prehnite with Tourmalinated Quartz beads.

I circled the olive tones in the beads for comparison.

Let’s take a look at the purple bead next, Twinkle Passion.

I thought it would look good with my Sea Anemone beads, the Purple Waters beads, a Purple Stripe bead (love that one) and an Amethyst.

The green bead, Twinkle Future, is very bright.

I had a harder time finding beads to go with it, but maybe I just don’t have many green beads! Below left to right are Silver Trace, Green/Turquoise, Earth, Silver Trace, Turquoise, Turquoise Bubbles, Seeds of Hope, Lagoon Bubble Joy, Turquoise Green Dot and the Twinkle Future bead.

This bead gives me watery vibes, so I added some dolphins and the Seaweed Clasp.

Next up is the orange and purple bead, called Twinkle Hazel. These beads look just fabulous with it, I think. Below left to right are Purple Flowers Mosaic, Song of Love, Aisle of Passion, Forest Mist and Twinkle Hazel. This is perhaps my favourite grouping.

The last bead is Twinkle Peace. I went with similarly hued beads that swing more towards a bright, deep blue colouring. This picture was taken when it was pretty sunny. Below left to right are a faceted aurora bead (I don’t think it ever had a proper name as it was part of a starter bracelet) , the German Diamond bead, Sapphire Cheetah, Moth of Myth, Blue Sky Armadillo and Twinkle Peace.

I added in the two Cicada Melody beads as I think they look really cute snugged up together.

That’s all the Twinkle pictures I have for now, but I wanted to add in a few from my recent trip. Like many other people, we hadn’t left Canada in over two years and we finally went on a trip to Disney World in Florida. We flew out of Detroit (so much cheaper than flying out of Canada) and on the way to the airport hotel I convince my husband to do a quick stop at the Trollbeads at Partridge Creek store in Michigan. I ran in and out of there in about 5 minutes, but had time for a quick conversation with the lovely Melissa. Here is what the store looks like from the outside.

Melissa was wearing some amazing orange beads.

As always, I gravitated to the uniques, as they are always fun to see in person.

Melissa pointed out a few beauties and I quickly chose two to buy. Aren’t they pretty?

I used the blue one on a bangle at our first hotel, Port Orleans French Quarter.

Later we moved over to Animal Kingdom Lodge, where you can see giraffes and other animals from your room. It was my husband’s dream to sit on the balcony and drink coffee while watching the giraffes. It was an amazing stay!

Next it was time to relax, as the boys flew home and my friend Cheryl came to stay at Coronado Springs Resort. We spent a LOT of time in the pool and it was super relaxing.

To finish things off, here’s a bracelet using the pinkish unique that I bought at the Partridge Creek store.

So, are any of the Twinkle beads calling your name? I’d have to say that my early favourite is the purple one (of course, ha ha ha), with the blue one being not far behind. I hope everyone is having a super summer!