This is a super short blog post to showcase the new People’s Bead for 2022, called Peach Blossom. Designed by Patrizia Tinelli of Italy, it has the most delicate tiny pink flowers.

Give peach flowers as a sign of immense, everlasting, and immortal love.

Bead samples are provided by

The Peach Blossom bead ($50 USD) is very sweet looking. The Trollbeads glass artists really have steady hands, don’t they? It makes me wish I had loads of pink pearls. Can you picture a bracelet made solely of pick pearls with Peach Blossom as the focal point? I can’t create that, but I did have fun trying Peach Blossom with my old Sea Anemone beads.

Of course, it also looks lovely with Pink Quartz beads. When a bead has a lot of pattern on it, I like to keep the other beads as non-fussy looking as possible.

The fun thing about glass beads is that you can try them many ways, with plain beads or patterned beads. Matching or contrasting colours, the possibilities are endless. I think it really looks good with the older Soul of Waves bead, and I have two of them flanking Peach Blossom down below.

It’s been fun to see on Instagram the finalists for the People’s Bead contest receiving this bead as a prize. Is this a bead you will purchase? Is it one you would like a pair of or maybe even more? Next week I’ll have some pictures of the Autumn Collection, which will be released on September 9. Thanks for reading!