Out across the meadow haze birds glide pass. Insects are humming the sweetest tunes, making a promise of life to go on. Late summer flowers are silently swaying and their delicate scents infuse your mind. You just might begin to see things in a new light.

The sun caresses your face, and warmth spread from within. This is a moment of silence and thoughtfulness.

People are made of stories. Some are defining and some are just for fun. Be sure to catch the moment and create new stories.

Welcome to the Meadow Moments collection. 

Every story has a bead.

All bead samples are from Trollbeads.com.

Trollbeads has a rather large collection for the autumn this year. There are two glass kits, 4 clasps, 2 pendants, a pair of earrings, one new spacer, 4 new jumbo round stones, and 8 silver beads, some of them with stones. Today I have a selection of beads to show you and I encourage everyone to take a look at the whole collection on the Trollbeads website. All the silver pieces are designed by Søren Nielsen this time. This is a departure from other large collections of recent years, when 2-3 designers were used for the silver pieces.

Let’s take at look at the Foliage Pendant ($94 USD). I adore this piece and the orange colour seems just perfect for the autumn. I know people like to get those cat pendants at special events, so it’s nice to see another glass pendant that is easily accessible. This one I will wear a LOT on the Changeable Fantasy Necklace, but it could also be used on a bracelet as a dangle.

The Wine Goddess ($72 USD) has the hole going from top to bottom, so is perfect for a Fantasy Necklace. A lot of the collection has a wine theme, which will be wonderful for wine drinkers.

Moving on to the glass, there are two glass kits. In the picture below, the top row has the Meadow Life Kit ($250 USD, beads available as singles for $50 USD each). It was designed by Tenzin Phuntsok & Kalden Chophel. Do take a moment to really look at the Butterfly Bliss Bead, on the far left. Note how perfectly the little black dots are placed. These beads are really small, so I’m quite impressed with how beautifully the glass artists have made this bead. The bottom row has the Flower Life Kit ($305 USD, beads available as singles for $61 USD each.) It was designed by Neetu Gupta. Again, I just love how we get to find out who the designers are with Trollbeads. After becoming familiar with the brand it’s fun to try to guess who designed something, judging by the ‘look’ of a bead. I also wanted to add that some years the glass kits really have a cohesive look where everything matches colour wise, but that’s not the case with this collection. I think each bead is really lovely, but I’m not keen on putting them all together. Some people will enjoy them together though, it’s just my personal preference.

Because I love purple, the Flower Seduction and Butterfly Bliss beads jumped out as early favourites. In my eyes, this is a perfect pair. Look at how many colours are in the butterfly wings. So gorgeous!

Three beads that I think go together beautifully are Blossom Blues, Wildflowers and Rippling Water. They are pictured below with the little Wizard of Labradorite ($72 USD).

They also look amazing with previously released blue beads from the Nature’s Powers collection. That retired Soul of Flowers bead is a great match! This bracelet is on a chunk of a Lego set that I’m currently working on. It’s Van Gogh’s Starry, Starry Night and has so many small blue pieces in it!

For now I’ve chosen to use the Meadows Bead with some Black Onyx and Rose Quartz beads.

Getting back to the Meadow Life Kit, here it is with one of the new clasps, called Grapes Clasp ($72 USD). Also, here is a new silver bead called Wine Divine ($50 USD). Check it out on the website to see a tiny little face on the other side.

The Flower Pride bead is reminiscent of several previous beads with this style.

These purple hues are just so pretty! The two faceted Hues of Heather Beads are really stunning with the Flower Pride Bead.

Taking a look at some of the other faceted new beads, I was drawn to the Sunflower Fantasy Bead. It gives that rich, warm feeling, like the evening sun. I really like it with the Shades of Sparkle Peach Bead.

There are four new jumbo round stones and here is the Jumbo Round Yellow Tiger Eye ($61 USD). I love this new, bigger size. The glass bead on the far left is called Rays of Sunset. Gorgeous!

Another new claps is pictured here. It’s called Clasp of Focus and costs $83 USD. This will be my go to lock whenever using Tiger Eye beads.

Well, that’s all for today, but I might add photos below as I begin to use these beads. I always like autumn collections because it’s one of my favourite times of year. The morning air becomes crisp, the bees make their last rounds (and always sting multiple kids at school!), the days grow shorter and we bring out the sweaters. I would love to hear about which pieces from this collection are on your list. I will be buying the Owl of Protection and Jumbo Cat’s Eye (not pictured). The jumbo round stones are going to be hard to resist as they will be super useful. Hope everyone has a wonderful fall!