It’s time for the cool weather of autumn and some warm, rich colours to wear on our wrists. The True Beadz Harvest collection fits in perfectly with 3 new glass beads and 3 new silver beads. Today we’ll take a look at the new silver beads, followed by some MTO (Made to Order) beads and finish off with the new Harvest collection glass beads. MTO beads are available to order until October 2 and the Harvest beads have been added to the regular catalogue.

Bead samples are provided by True

The Harvest bead, with its grains of wheat is a very useful coin shape. My brother grew wheat in his backyard this year (not sure why!), so he gave me these pieces which he harvested recently.

The Grains bead is also a coin shape. They will both be wonderful for wearing on a bangle with some glass beads. I often wear two glass beads with one coin shaped bead in between them, so for me these are perfect.

The last new silver bead is the incredible True Acorn. On one side you can see the acorns and on the other side are oak leaves. We have a giant oak tree in our yard, so this bead is especially meaningful to me! Also below on the left is the Silvered Ivory Blossom. It’s available during the current MTO (Made to Order) event that goes until October 2. The glass with CZ is in the Champagne colour and those are two Desert beads on either end.

This photo shows the back of the Acorn bead, as well as the Fall Multiblossom Bead and Dangle in the Dark shade. I have ordered a Fall Multiblossom in the Light shade and can’t wait to see it. At the top of the photo is the MTO Zebra bead in the Fall shade.

There is also an MTO Zebra bead in colours called Party. I love these colours and pulled together some older beads to complement it.

There are lots of MTO Equator beads, with and without CZ. This gorgeous one is in the colours Transparent Taiga and Emerald.

Check out this one in Champagne and Honey. Scrumptious!

Other MTO options include the delightful MTO Toadstool and MTO Toadstool Dangle. I was going for a ‘mushrooms near a secret woodland door’ kind of theme in the photo below.

Since Hallowe’en is coming up, there are a Fall 2022 Aquarium Bead and matching dangle available. I made a cute Hallowe’en themed bangle using the new beads on the left, along with beads from previous years.

Next up are Pumpkin and Poison Candy beads! I forgot to buy some Tiger Tail ice cream, but if I do find some, I will be adding a picture with it as the Pumpkin Candy beads totally remind me of it.

All right, that is a LOT of beads, but now I’m going to spam you with the gorgeous new Harvest glass beads. These colours are so warm and delicious looking. I know several people have already purchased them as they are pretty hard to resist. Below, left to right are True Opal Chocolate, Grains, True Opal Bee Wax, Harvest and True Opal Cognac.

The True Opal Cognac colour makes me think of thick socks and sweaters.

True Opal Chocolate is so dark and luminous.

That’s all I have to say today! I’ll end off with a few more photos, as I think the pictures speak for themselves. I’d love to know what you think of this collection and if you are tempted by any Made to Order options. I think this is a really strong bead collection and I hope you like it as much as I do.