We had a bit of an ice storm where I live and so with school cancelled for the day, I thought I’d finish off my trio of blog posts showing parts of the Trollbeads spring beads. The colours featured in the Protection collection are super pretty. They feature the new small faceted beads in Feldspar Moonstone, Strawberry Quartz and Rose Quartz. I also have the darling silver Bird’s Nest, the Trinity of the Heart Bead, the Daisy Spacer and the Daisy Clasp.

The quite spectacular Trinity of the Heart with its Rose Quartz, Strawberry Quartz and Feldspar Moonstone will fill you with love, harmony and a strong sense of protection… …the powerful and elegant Leopard protects its cubs, wherever they go, and reminds us to celebrate our mothers and fathers for the sacrifices they make to protect us and make us feel safe. …and remember always to take care of your sweetheart.

Bead samples are provided by Trollbeads.com.

The Bird’s Nest, designed by Søren Nielsen is perhaps my favourite. The little bird is nesting within the leaves and the teeny beak is so adorable.

The Daisy Clasp and Daisy Spacer are also designed by Søren Nielsen. The clasp is designed to lay flat in case you want to use it on one of the new necklaces made with gemstones and pearls. It also works for a bracelet and I’ve been using it a lot as I really like it. The Daisy Spacer is also lovely and I might buy another one someday so I have a pair.

I enjoy using one decorative spacer in the middle of a bangle, like pictured below with the Round Strawberry Quartz Facet Bead and the Round Feldspar Moonstone Facet Bead.

The Trinity of the Heart Bead, designed by Søren Nielsen looks quite luscious when surrounded by beads of similar colours. The bead has three small stones, a Feldspar Moonstone, a Strawberry Quartz and a Rose Quartz.

Let’s take a look at a full bracelet, where I tried using quite a few stones. I really like the result and it was especially fun adding in stones that I don’t use very often, such as the Garnet Feldspar Bead and the Angel Wing Alunite Bead (aka the salami bead).

I thought I would also try a trio of bangles.

Lastly, here’s a green and purple bracelet that would be nice for Easter. I will be so happy when we are done with the snow and the flowers start to bloom again!

This concludes my coverage of the Trollbeads spring collection. There really are lots of pretty beads and there are more on their website. I’d love to know what you’ve purchased recently or what is on your wishlist. Also, are there flowers blooming where you live or are you waiting, just like me? Have a super weekend!