Weather the storm in the safe haven of familiarity. Resting among comforting petals lies the beauty of a freshwater pearl.

Designed by Søren Nielsen, the Compassion Rose is a lovely silver rose with a small freshwater rosa pearl. Retailing for $61 USD/ $74 CAD, it adds a touch of sweetness to any bracelet. Mother’s Day in Canada is on May 9 and when I said to my husband, oh look, I got the Trollbeads Mother’s Day bead he said, “Great! Now I don’t have to get you anything!” LOL! Honestly, he’s the best husband and even cooks dinner every night, but gift giving is not his thing. Anyway, look how delightful the pearl looks atop the rose below. Apparently it’s been selling really well. I’ve seen the pearl with various colours on social media, so if you are looking for a rosier shade, it would be prudent to ask a retailer specifically for that. I’m personally happy with the pale colour, as it suits my Flowers of the Month bracelet, where this bead will have its final resting place.

Bead samples were provided by

Here’s the Compassion Rose bead from a few different angles. It’s such a classic Søren piece.

I think a size comparison with the Rose of June could be helpful. It makes a really nice companion piece.

Here they are from a different angle. That’s the Narcissus of December on the left.

Check out the same beads but at the back.

I think I’ll keep the Compassion Rose bead on this bracelet. I might end up moving it over one so that the Rose of June is right in the middle though. Don’t mind the colouring of the pearls below-I was going for an antique/ wedding kind of vibe and took out some of the colour.

I also tried the bead on one more bracelet. I just need to one more time say how inspired I have been over the years by Tartooful, a store that used to be in Vancouver. I was browsing through Cathy’s blog posts this evening and her style is constantly in the back of my head. I highly recommend looking at her past articles. They can be found here.

The Troll Anemone Pendant has to be my all time favourite silver bead. Its elegance is unparalleled, in my opinion.

I love the delicate flowers on the Lace Lock.

The Mom’s Bouquet silver bead is another favourite of mine.

Well, that’s it for today. My next Trollbeads post will be on the newest starter bracelet that’s coming out in May. It’s super cute and I think a lot of people will like it. Tomorrow there will be a giveaway from OHM, so check back for that. I’m back to teaching remotely, which means I’m stuck in Google Slides purgatory for much of the time, so leave a comment as I am happy to discuss beads! Have you already purchased the Compassion Rose bead, or is it something you might be getting for Mother’s Day?