Happy August! Today I have a few combos using three of the new beads coming out from OHM. To see all of the new beads check out the OHM website here.

The first bead is a glass bead reminiscent of the retired Upchuck Confetti, called Birthday Cake.

Every year we are one year older. We are 11 this year! Who’s doesn’t love a bit of sugar to celebrate? This Birthday Cake can be served all year long. Celebrate with us! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to OHM!

Here it is on a bangle after a wild party. The chameleon has been upchucking confetti while hippo is still trying to scarf down some Birthday Cake. You can see that the beads are very compatible in their colouring. My Birthday Cake is slightly larger than my Confetti Upchuck, as is my friend Trisha’s but I don’t know if they are all slightly larger. I think they look great with the slim Sage bead in between them, in any case. I think Upchuck Confetti has been of a fan favourite so I’m really happy that new Ohm fans will have a chance to buy the Birthday Cake bead. It would be a great one to wear if you’re feeling a bit grumpy, as it’s impossible to look at it without feeling a bit of happiness.

Next is the white glass bead which reminds me of the retired Cold Milk bead. It’s called AFAIK.

As far as I know, there is nothing special about this glass. It is exactly what you see and nothing else. Embrace the darkness and see the light.

It comes in a special box and the colour of the top is a clue as to what can happen when exposed to light.

Here is AFAIK in between two Blizzard Trollbeads, in the light…

…and in the dark.

I adore beads that glow in the dark! I love it when you are wearing one outside and then go into a darkened space like a theatre-very fun! I usually wear one of the Pandora Disney glow in the dark beads at Disney World at Christmas and then when we go to see the Country Bear Jamboree and the lights go down I actually have to cover my wrist as it emits so much light. These kinds of beads make me feel young at heart. πŸ˜€

The third bead I have today is maybe my favourite as it’s really different. It’s called Thanks a Lot.

As light scatters through crystal we must scatter through life embracing gratitude as every great thing passes by. As adults, we know nothing lasts forever, but we can be thankful for this moment at this moment, together. Enjoy the present in all its colour, darkness and sparkle. Embrace the future with its infinite trajectories. Thanks a lot.

Trisha mentioned that this bead looks like a kaleidoscope and I totally agree. It’s a bead that could be used in so many different ways. Here I’ve put it as a focal point along with Luna, UFO and some silver balls from Ilko Beads. The bracelet and stoppers are also Ilko Beads.

In this next combo I used a couple of older Ohm glass beads called Dalmatian Dactylogram and Dark Soul. The only reason I know they are called that is because I was able to look them up on my blog. If you use the tag cloud, there are 170 older posts with Ohm Beads. Sometimes it’s kind of fun to browse and see what has come out over the years.

I can picture Thanks a Lot on a bangle surrounded by either all black or white beads. I don’t have any pairs of black beads so need to rectify that someday, otherwise I would have tried it out. Here are a couple of other bangles I tried.

As you can see, if you missed Cold Milk or Confetti Upchuck in years past, then AFAIK and Birthday Cake would be great purchases. The Thanks a Lot bead is quite beautiful and I’ll be curious to see if there are many different variations. Do let me know if any of these beads appeal to you! I have 4 more blog posts planned for this month-Ogerbeads, True Beadz, Redbalifrog and Trollbeads, so stop back sometime!

Disclosure: These beads were sent as samples by OhmBeads.