Ohm Beads has a massive release set for April 1 with over 40 new pieces! That is a LOT of beads all at once and today I’ve got a selection of pieces to show. In this unprecedented time of illness, death and economic ruin beads can make for a nice distraction. In order to see the whole collection, check out Trudy’s blog here.

I’d like to start with perhaps the most anticipated bead, which is Luna 2.0. Several years ago the first Luna came out as a Bead of the Month and it was hugely popular. So much so that it began it appear on the resellers’ market at inflated prices. People were desperate to get one! I have a lovely silver one and it really is one of my favourite beads of all time. Who amongst us hasn’t gazed up at the moon at some point in our life? Luna 2.0 is slightly larger and has an oxidized finish. It’s seen below here on the right.

Next let’s look at my second favourites which are the Vacation Drinks. They appear to be inspired by the iconic Six Pack Collection from 2015. You can see that here on Charms Addict. I can’t tell you how much time I used to spend gazing at pictures of the Six Pack beads and I ended up buying the orange and purple ones. The bubbles in them are so delightful! When I saw the new Vacation Drinks I got really excited and they did not disappoint. The Vacation Cocktail silver bead is a perfect fit for this theme.

The Cosmo bead is a really pretty shade of pink.

Mai Tai is quite fabulous!

Mojito is a cheerful green.

Lastly, Blue Lagoon is bound to be a favourite with its vivid blue that might make one think of the ocean or a pool.

There are some new Slim beads coming out. I really like their size for using as a focal point in a bangle. The black one called Key will be very useful.

Another one that caught my eye is called Turn.

I think it will work really well with greys and blues.

There is a Touch of Maple bead that is perfect for Canadians or nature lovers or even maple syrup lovers! It has quite a wide opening on the sides, so I will mostly be using it as a pendant on a necklace. It has some really organic looking details on it and is part of the new Earth Collection.

Here are some more of the new glass beads. OHM is continuing on with the berry series, presenting beads with little indentations, such as Fogberry. The Blueberry one is an incredibly rich blue and makes a striking focal point on a bangle with some Orchid Rain beads.

Here are another four of the new glass beads. Below left to right are Blue Raspberry, Dustberry, Pinkberry and Lime. In the middle is the articulated Pre-wine bead.

I used them for a fun leather bracelet the other day. I always like to use the Ohm Jar and Picnic Basket in the warmer weather.

The Blue Raspberry is such a pretty colour and when Steffi on Instagram asked if it would match the True Beadz Eastern Sea shade, I checked and it seems to match perfectly!

Lastly, I’ve got a couple of pieces from the long teased Alice Collection. Strangely, I’ve never read the book, so just went with a couple of beads I thought were pretty and fun. The silver Drink Me has a hammered look which I LOVE and the purple Saganistute has a sweet shimmer to it.

Purple beads in the sun are always beautiful.

That’s it for today! Phew! How to choose from so many lovely beads? And this is less than half of the collection! Fortunately these are all going to be part of the regular collection so there isn’t a rush to buy everything all at once.

Please let me know if any of these beads or something else from the upcoming release catches your eye.

Disclosure: These beads were provided as samples from Ohm Beads.