Sometimes if I’m in a hurry I like to make a mini-bracelet. I’ll put on 5-7 on a Trollbeads chain, then one stopper and put the lock facing up on my wrist so it becomes a visible part of the bracelet. I made one with all Redbalifrog silver. 

This is the Trollbeads single brown leather with just 5 beads. 

Next I have used my brown X Links. 

The Ohm Beads Bolly Wood bead fits in perfectly with this theme. 

Here are all the bracelets together. Do you like to make mini-bracelets sometimes?



  1. I am not really sure what I am replaying to so I will try my best to answer the question. I am but a young 61 years and have done full, mini and slave bracelets out of almost everything. That is to enclose colourful leaves rolled into bead like shapes and strung when dried and preserved. Sadly examples no longer exsist. But I have begun anew with all of these awesomely charm beads. This time I will take pictures of them before I give them away to happy arms.

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