What makes this bracelet cheery are the colours and the fact that almost half of the beads were bought at 50% off. It’s hard to resist a bead sale! First up is the Ohm Beads Trombone player, purchased because that’s what my husband plays. We started dating while working in a symphony orchestra and got married 7 months later! 

Next is the super cute hippo, also by Ohm Beads. I bought it because whenever we go on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride at Walt Disney World, my husband always jokes that he hippos aren’t real. They are, of course and here’s a photo. 

Here’s the hippo again with the Ohm Beads’ Ganges barrel shaped reddish/orange bead that I also bought at the half price Cyber Monday sale. 

Keeping with the cheery colours, I added the Trollbeads’ Chakra Color Bead. 

Lastly, here’s the whole bracelet. The other beads that were half price are the green Trollbeads and the Redbalifrog Rope beads. I’d love to hear about any beads you’ve been able to pick up at half price!