I took the three pod beads from the Native Elements, added in some other beads and love the result. Don’t those leaves look like lips, though? πŸ˜€

The True Touch True Pumpkin beads add a different texture and I love how the colour goes with the Trollbeads. 

The Redbalifrog Gecko looks like he wants to climb up on the bead. 

Here’s the whole bracelet. 

Looking left to right we have the Ohm Beads Earth-ish Stoppers, Redbalifrog’s Calla Lily, a Trollbeads unique, Trollbeads’ Red Pod, True Beadz’s True Touch Pumpkin, Redbalifrog’s Pomegranate, Ohm Beads’ Ganges, Trollbeads’ Green Pod, Ohm Beads’ In the Koi Pond, Redbalifrog’s Night Owl, True Beadz True Touch Pumpkin, Trollbeads’ Orange Pod, a Trollbeads unique, Redbalifrog’s Gecko.