Pink Trollbeads on Ice (Bead Goals 2016)

Happy 2016! My bead goals for this year include more pink beads. I have a few pink Trollbeads and have put them all together here, but would like to expand my collection. With a bead budget of two/month and so many pretty things coming out in the spring collections it will be difficult!

My favourite pink bead is probably the Pink Diamond Bead, below middle. I got it at a ridiculously low price. I think it was less than $30. 

The silver Mom’s Bouquet flower bead, 4th from the left, is so pretty. 

The Sea Anemone bead on the left I was able to pick up at a Trollbeads store in Singapore. What a treat to be able to buy one in person! I chose the most vivid pink one they had. 

Here’s the whole bracelet again. 

I would pair it with this bangle. So, please share any bead goals you may have for 2016!



  1. Great goal! I have been trying to limit myself to 2 beads a month. It hasn’t worked so far! 😱 Hopefully, the new year will bring more willpower. Love your posts. Happy New Years!


  2. That is a great price on the pink diamond bead! Pink is I think the one colour that I don’t have in my collection but yours are lovely. I think that I’d be tempted by the Sea Anemone if I saw a nice one in person, but I’ve never seen one in person.

    I’m still finalizing my bead goals for the first half of the year, but I think that I will have three. I was trying to record them over the last few months so that I’d be prepared, but I think that I lost a few somewhere. 😀


    1. Tracy, I bought that pink bead when we went back to the shoe store after leaving you last summer. I asked how much it was and when the lady said $25, or whatever it was, Cheryl kicked me in the leg, lol! She knew that it was a bargain. I probably should have bought the blue one that they had, also!


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