I hadn’t used this bead for a while and thought it might be nice to look at in the dead of winter. Usually I don’t put blue and pink together, but thought that I could get away with the lilac shade. 

Here’s the Blooming Sakura from the side. 

I’m so glad I bought a pair of the Smile of Stars silver Trollbeads, as I’m using them all the time. The stoppers are by Redbalifrog. 

Truly a multi-brand bracelet, the glass beads below are Pandora, Trollbeads and True Beadz. 

Here’s the whole bracelet again. 

Beads 1/3/7/11/12/13 are by Trollbeads. 

Bead 2 is Pandora. 

Beads 4/10 are True Beadz. 

Beads 5/9 are by Redbalifrog. 

Beads 6/8 are by Ohm Beads.