Redbalifrog Kimono Jacket

I’ve been fortunate to visit Japan twice and like to have this Kimono Jacket bead to remind me of my visits there! The detail on the front is just exquisite. 

The back is just as lovely. 

I decided to use the Trollbeads Blooming Sakura bead again with some purple and blue Trollbeads. 

The Redbalifrog Geisha Doll is a natural fit. 

Here’s the whole bracelet. All the silver beads are Redbalifrog and the glass beads are all Trollbeads. 

Finally, here’s a photo of the bracelet on a dish I bought in Japan.


2 responses to Redbalifrog Kimono Jacket

  1. Pixie says:

    Could you tell me what the name of the bead is next to the Komono that is a light blue with bright blue holly looking leaves is? I just love this bracelet.


    • marthnick says:

      Hi Pixie,
      That’s a Trollbeads Unique, so you probably won’t be able to find it as I bought it a few years ago, sorry!


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