Canadian Inukshuk 

One of my fellow Canadian Instagrammers recently shared some photos of Canadiana beads made by a chain store. I loved the Inukshuk and picked it up at the mall the other day at a store called Ben Moss. It’s about the size of an Ohm Bead and I think it fits in perfectly, as seen below!


An Inukshuk is a stone pile, usually in the shape of a human with outstretched arms, built in the region above the Arctic Circle by the Inuit. They may have been used to mark such places as hunting grounds and fishing sites. Sometimes hikers build little ones and we came across one a few years ago while at a cottage in Ontario. That’s my son’s monkey on the top. 

Since this charm is a symbol of the Canadian north, I thought some white beads and my two beads from the Aurora Borealis collection by Ohm Beads would work well. The Cold Milk beads are no longer available anywhere but the other two are. 

The Inukshuk is a pretty small charm, as you can see here. It’s not a lot bigger than my Trollbeads stoppers. 

Here’s how I wore it out for brunch on Sunday. I’m so glad I bought it, as I don’t think I have any other beads to represent Canadian culture. Someone needs to make a poutine charm!


8 responses to Canadian Inukshuk 

  1. Tia says:

    Great post as always, Martha! LOL, a poutine charm would be so awesome – I would want one! 😀


    • marthnick says:

      Thanks Tia! My husband had some breakfast poutine for brunch the other day-home fries, bacon, cheese curds, gravy topped with a sunny side up egg. I’ll send you a pic! 😀


  2. Judie says:

    I really this charm and your bracelet. I much prefer charms that represent culture and heritage


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