I tried making a bracelet by braiding together 3 Trollbeads chains a while ago, but I wanted to try to do it with some beads. It’s a bit tricky and is easiest to do if you can have someone hold one end for you. First I hooked up the chains as seen on the bottom left. After braiding, I hooked up the other ends with another lock, as seen on the right. The two locks can then be hooked together and the whole thing holds together pretty well. 


The beads I’ve used here are the retired Redbalifrog Rope in between two Trollbeads Smile of Stars. 

I’ve paired it with a mini bracelet using all Ohm Beads. The slender clips are Bare and the bigger ones are Metal-ness. I like the industrial look the Metal-ness clips give and it makes me want to go buy a bunch of black beads, ha ha!

Here’s the whole combo. Let me know if you got any beads for Valentine’s Day. My husband told me to go pick out a bead (we don’t usually exchange gifts) but I said I have enough beads. Yes, those words actually came out of my mouth! 😀