Fun Neutrals

I took some Ohm Beads and put them with some Pandora Muranos for a quick, fun weekend bracelet. OhmGnome is always happy to get off the rack and onto a bracelet, ha ha! I should probably put him back into my keychain so he can get out more. Here is the jumble of beads. 

I’ve used almost all my little character beads-Cute Chameleon and OhmGnome are pictured here with a Pandora silver charm I had to use for balance. 

Then I have L’il Devil, Circus Tent and Growling Hippo. I liked using the Ohm Beads bracelet here, because I didn’t have to worry about how many beads would fit between the threads. 

Here’s the whole bracelet. 

It looked really pretty in the afternoon sun!


6 responses to Fun Neutrals

  1. Leonor Magaña says:

    Hi! I have a hippo charm from Pandora that is very pretty, almost like yours. I wish I could get the chamaleon, gnome and tent, but Ohm is not available in México city, where I live, so I mostly get Pandora stuff. As always, I’m enjoying myself staring at your bracelets and beads, love them all!


    • marthnick says:

      Thanks Leonor! Have you ever purchased beads online from Perlen in Denmark? They have free shipping to Mexico, I just checked. That’s who I use, I fact I just ordered a couple of beads on Monday, one Ohm Bead and one Redbalifrog bead. 😀


  2. Leonor Magaña says:

    I’m gonna give Perlen a try, as I know they have old and retired beads that should be interesting. Thanks for the suggestion.


    • marthnick says:

      My pleasure. Forgot to say to make sure you log in so you can see the prices without the VAT. That drops the price quite a bit!


  3. Judie says:

    Hi, is the yellow murano the belle disney murano? Looks lovely! I was thinking of pairing my wildflower murano with a yellow murano and then I stumbled on your blog post. Both charms work so well together, so now your photos have convinced me to get a yellow murano as well


    • marthnick says:

      Yes, Judie, that’s the Belle Murano. I get so much use out of them as they kind of look like gold! Glad you found my photos and that it could help you make a decision! 😀


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