Fun Neutrals

I took some Ohm Beads and put them with some Pandora Muranos for a quick, fun weekend bracelet. OhmGnome is always happy to get off the rack and onto a bracelet, ha ha! I should probably put him back into my keychain so he can get out more. Here is the jumble of beads. 

I’ve used almost all my little character beads-Cute Chameleon and OhmGnome are pictured here with a Pandora silver charm I had to use for balance. 

Then I have L’il Devil, Circus Tent and Growling Hippo. I liked using the Ohm Beads bracelet here, because I didn’t have to worry about how many beads would fit between the threads. 

Here’s the whole bracelet. 

It looked really pretty in the afternoon sun!



  1. Hi! I have a hippo charm from Pandora that is very pretty, almost like yours. I wish I could get the chamaleon, gnome and tent, but Ohm is not available in México city, where I live, so I mostly get Pandora stuff. As always, I’m enjoying myself staring at your bracelets and beads, love them all!


    1. Thanks Leonor! Have you ever purchased beads online from Perlen in Denmark? They have free shipping to Mexico, I just checked. That’s who I use, I fact I just ordered a couple of beads on Monday, one Ohm Bead and one Redbalifrog bead. 😀


  2. Hi, is the yellow murano the belle disney murano? Looks lovely! I was thinking of pairing my wildflower murano with a yellow murano and then I stumbled on your blog post. Both charms work so well together, so now your photos have convinced me to get a yellow murano as well


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