Whenever someone new starts to follow me on Instagram I always check out their profile to see if I’d like to follow them. The other day, a lady from Spain who makes textile beads started to follow me and I was quite taken with her photos. I didn’t even know textile beads were a thing! I checked out her Etsy store and purchased 5 textile beads. At less than $4 each I thought if I didn’t like them it was no great loss. After inquiring about the size and saying how I wanted to put them on a Trollbeads bracelet, Jana said she’d make me some beads with a 4 mm opening. They arrived super quickly and I totally love them!

I tried them on my Ohm Beads Twisted Bangle with Ohm Gnome. How cozy he looks!

The yarn is hand dyed and then wound around copper wire. The wool is very soft and not itchy at all. I thought they would go well with True Beadz and tried them with some Baby Pinks and Lilacs.

I also tried the bracelet with the Sky Blue Touch beads instead of the Baby Pink.

At this point the kids were coming home from school so I quickly added some Redbalifrog silvers at the suggestion of a friend and kept it at that.

Are these something that might interest you? I might get some in red and orange colours next.