Up until now I’ve only had Trollbeads locks, but I’m now a firm convert to Redbalifrog locks. The Heart Love Lock is so beautiful, solid and such a joy to look at. Here’s a photo of it beside a plain Trollbeads lock. 

I’ve been wearing it on the Redbalifrog Snake Chain, with the lock facing up so I can see it!


Phoebe the Moon has been on my wish list for a couple of years. I don’t know why I like it so much, but I find it a very peaceful bead. It is the same on both sides. Interestingly, Pandora seems to be using this button shape a lot these days. In any case, I really like it on the leather strap. 

To round out this combo I used the Rope and Frangipanis Forever charms. I thought a touch of gold colour would look nice with the tan, so put the Trollbeads Gold Silver Trace in the middle and the Brass Star Stoppers at the ends. 

We have snow yet again, but I think it really works with this combo! By the way, I’ve linked a lot of the products up to the Perlen bead store. If you are checking out prices you have to log in to see the price without the VAT. It takes quite a few dollars off!