Redbalifrog’s Magic Monkey

When we were Ubud my husband and younger son went to the Monkey Forest, a nature reserve and Hindu Temple complex. My other son is a bit afraid of fast moving animals, so he and I waited at the entrance and people watched. Here’s a photo that my husband took. 

Here is the Redbalifrog Magic Monkey, which is based on the monkeys in Bali!

The tail is very cute. 

Look at the detail on the feet!

With it being the Year of the Monkey, I wanted to put together a bracelet using red. Here’s the result. 

All of the silver is by Redbalifrog. 

The red bead on the left is a Trollbeads Universal Unique. 

The two yellow ones are the Belle Disney Pandora Muranos. 

The centre bead and far right ones are by Ohm Beads. 


4 responses to Redbalifrog’s Magic Monkey

  1. Natalie says:

    I love the Magic Monkey, I actually have him on his way to me from Perlen! He looks so cute on your bracelet Martha ❀ I have another monkey charm from Kohl's that's the larger oxidized style so I want to put them both together πŸ˜€


  2. skip says:

    I also have this monkey, in fact he’s the only redbalifrog bead I have so far. Your bracelet is beautiful, I particularly like the red/gold bead in the center.


    • marthnick says:

      Thanks! That was a limited edition Year of the Horse bead from 2014 by Ohm Beads. I really like it too.


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