Triple Pandora

A couple of people have suggested to me lately that maybe I could try a fashion/stylish kind of photo. I gave it my best and the photos are okay, but it’s really not my thing! It’s good to try out different things though and perhaps a good way to figure out what actually works. 

Here are the three bracelets. There’s my travel themed one which always stays together, the mini bracelet which always stays together and a silver one with the cute little pearl dangle at the centre of the bracelet. 

I also tried grouping them with my favourite Clinique Chubby Sticks…yes, that’s all I could think of. 😂


This photo of my Doc Martens with an Ohm Beads Bangle is maybe the best of the fashion experiment. 

In any case, I love the Clinique Chubby Sticks! Has anyone tried the new Foundation one yet? 

3 responses to Triple Pandora

  1. Judie says:

    I love your pandora bracelets! I love how they are all just plain silver beads, no pave and not dangling. It’s such a shame that Pandora is moving away from this ‘look’ because its so classic and timeless. I want to create an all silver bracelet just like yours but started to late so there are not that many nicer plain silver beads to choose from any more.


    • marthnick says:

      Thanks Judie! Have you ever looked at the Pandora selection online at Perlen? That’s where I got most of my Pandora. They have all kinds of old ones at great prices!


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