Triple Pandora

A couple of people have suggested to me lately that maybe I could try a fashion/stylish kind of photo. I gave it my best and the photos are okay, but it’s really not my thing! It’s good to try out different things though and perhaps a good way to figure out what actually works. 

Here are the three bracelets. There’s my travel themed one which always stays together, the mini bracelet which always stays together and a silver one with the cute little pearl dangle at the centre of the bracelet. 

I also tried grouping them with my favourite Clinique Chubby Sticks…yes, that’s all I could think of. 😂


This photo of my Doc Martens with an Ohm Beads Bangle is maybe the best of the fashion experiment. 

In any case, I love the Clinique Chubby Sticks! Has anyone tried the new Foundation one yet? 


  1. I love your pandora bracelets! I love how they are all just plain silver beads, no pave and not dangling. It’s such a shame that Pandora is moving away from this ‘look’ because its so classic and timeless. I want to create an all silver bracelet just like yours but started to late so there are not that many nicer plain silver beads to choose from any more.


    1. Thanks Judie! Have you ever looked at the Pandora selection online at Perlen? That’s where I got most of my Pandora. They have all kinds of old ones at great prices!


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