After I came home from work it was so pleasant and warm that I went into the backyard. Lo and behold all the snow had melted and I could see some snowdrops! First I tried one snowdrop with a Trollbeads bangle. 

Then I put together a bracelet using white, yellow and a touch of green. This bracelet has the Pandora Tropicana beads, Pandora Green Petite Facets, Ohm Beads Cold Milk beads, Redbalifrog Frangipanis Forever, Pandora Disney Belle Muranos and a Pandora White Facet. 

Then I tried the Redbalifrog Heart Love Lock with the bracelet. 

Then I put the Trollbeads Gold Silver Trace on the bangle. 

And here the whole combo. It’s a bit of a jumble, but I was just so excited to see flowers growing! Check back later today or tomorrow when I should have one of the new Pandora shimmer beads from the Spring Collection on here. They have arrived at my local store. 😀



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