Delight Copper Bangle

The other day I put the Trollbeads Pink Delight Facet on my copper bangle because of all the coppery sparkles at the core of the bead. Then, when I was looking at the Trollbeads website I noticed it is a set! You can see it here

I’ve been wearing it for the past couple of days with the green bangle from my beads n’ coffee post. 

  Here are the same bangles but against the setting sun they look quite different. 
Here I’ve put it with the pink Trollbeads I own so you can see the colour difference. L-R are Pink Conch, Pink Desert, Pink Delight Facet, Pink Desert and Summer Dot. So, I think it does blend well with my other pink beads. And as you see, I’m a bit stuck lately on this whole putting spacers in between each glass bead thing. šŸ˜€


Disclosure: On this blog some products I use I have received as samples. 

4 responses to Delight Copper Bangle

  1. Agnes says:

    Great photos as always. I’m very interested in getting the Copper Bangle but I’m not sure which size to go for. In the Pandora Moments bracelet I’m a size 18cm, any idea which size I should go for? I would only put a couple of charms on it. Also is the Copper bangle easy to wear is it comfortable and does it have any special care instructions? Sorry for all the questions but you have such a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for any help and Happy Easter šŸ£šŸ’šŸ°


  2. marthnick says:

    Hi Agnes,
    I’m happy to answer any questions! If you wear 18cm then you’d probably want an XS, but there is size guide at
    I find the Trollbeads bangles to be very comfortable due to their oval shape. I keep the copper one in a zip lock bag when I’m not wearing it and to shine it up I use a polishing cloth or, put it in ketchup for a few minutes. Comes out nice and shiny! Happy Easter to you too!


    • Agnes says:

      Aww thank you so much for your quick response especially as it is Easter Sunday. So far I only own Pandora bead jewellery so am going into Trollbeads a bit blindly and unfortunately there are no stockists near me for me to see the items in person. I recently bought the Pandora rose gold bracelet and I’ve just bought a rose gold watch from another brand, so I’m really into the rose gold look. I think the copper will go really well with them. And thanks for the tip with the ketchup I never would have thought of that. What size copper bangle did you go for?


      • marthnick says:

        I understand your concern, as I have nowhere to buy Trollbeads in person either. I wear a 19-20cm in Pandora and first bought the S silver bangle. But, I have a bad wrist from a hockey injury and if it’s warm out and my wrist swells up at all it was too tight. So now I have the copper in a M and a silver in a M (gave my S to a beads n’ coffee friend). For me the M is a good fit. If you are an 18cm then the XS should be ok, unless you want a looser fit. I wonder if you could exchange it if it doesn’t fit?


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