Trollbeads has a beautiful Apple Blossom Necklace set as a gift idea to ‘Celebrate Mom’, with Mother’s Day being May 8 in Canada/USA. (I know MY mom would like it, ha ha!) It’s a Fantasy Necklace with Rosa Pearl, the silver Apple Blossom Pendant and glass Pink Delight Facet Bead. This is my first Fantasy Necklace. I’ve coveted one for years and this did not disappoint! For newbies like me, it’s easy to figure out. You can put a bead or beads on it. The chain just slips right through the holes. There are also pendants you can put on. Then there are different ways you can put on splitters and such. Trollbeads has a guide for that here

Here is the necklace by itself. 


This is the Apple Blossom Pendant. 

Then, if you add the Pink Delight Facet, here’s the whole set. 

You can wear just the pendant on the necklace. 

Or both the pendant and bead. 



I think it’s interesting that Lego and Trollbeads both come from Denmark. Once, my husband and I (before we even had kids) went to Denmark so we could visit Legoland. Ever since I was a kid I liked the interchangeability of Lego, how you can make so many different things by changing just a few pieces. I can now see how the Fantasy Necklace is similarly versatile and I look forward to using the three pieces from this set in many variations. 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.